Important things to know before studying in London, UKLet’s keep one thing absolutely clear, studying abroad in London is both transformational and delightful. This city offers more than you ever expect, irrespective of your finances, interests and personal preferences. Here are a few important things you need to know so can be prepared before landing into London City – aka ‘The Square Mile’.

Want to know important things before you start studying in London, UK

Find the complete list of important instructions you should be aware of mentioned below:

  • The Grandeur of London
  • Student Friendly City Travel
  • Student Discounts on the Food, Clothing, Gadgets and more…
  • London has tons of free things to do, and it’s really amazing
  • Outdoors, Museums, Parks and the Unpredictable Weather
  • Access to your favourite brands and stuff
  • Network with People
  • Partying and Clubbing is expensive
  • About the weather
  • Global City London

The Grandeur of London

Most people can’t even imagine how big London is. ‘The Square Mile’ City has a wider spread. Although maximum parts of London are walk-friendly, still you will need public transport, especially if your student accommodation is not situated in Central London. There are Apps to guide you from point A to point B.

Student Friendly City Travel

While studying abroad in London, you can avail up to 30% off using travel cards and bus and tram pass season tickets all with just single Student Oyster Photocard.

A 16-25 Railcard is also a good way to save 1/3 on your rail travel and pay on use tube fares for only Pound 30 for a year. You can simply pay off this extra amount of annual subscription with just your weekend trips traveling to other parts of the UK.

Another great option for saving on transportation on day trips or weekend travel across the UK while studying abroad in London happens to be the BritRail Pass. It gives you access to unlimited travel for a number of days every month. It could be easily availed from your current place in advance via online.

Student Discounts on the Food, Clothing, Gadgets and more…

Apart from transportation, Students in London can enjoy the discounts in Food, Clothing, Electronics, Gym memberships and more. Ex. Unidays is a good place to get your discounts with simple signup which is free of cost.

NUS Card is also there which is chargeable but offers more benefits with better deals across London, the UK, and Europe.

London has tons of free things to do, and it’s really amazing

You must be aware of the fact that London is expensive especially if you are on a student budget. Still, there are many free things in London that are worth exploring and even if you are visiting for a single semester or longer you can keep yourself engaged in activities and you will never feel, ‘what to do now?’

Outdoors, Museums, Parks and the Unpredictable Weather

Museums in London are mostly free to visit, and they are best for bad weather days. Photogenic around the city like Shoreditch, Notting Hill and Camden, are perfect spots to spend your time, click tons of memories while spending a few or no cash at all.

Parks in the city are free to visit. In good weather conditions grab some snacks, friends and go on for a picnic in one of London’s world-famous green spaces.

Access to your favourite brands and stuff

Compared to the other parts of the world you can feel at home with access to all your favourite brands and even some dedicated to a country space to make you feel shopping at your hometown while you are feeling a bit homesick. So while coming to study in London you can be rest assured and pack light as you can easily get all you need here in London City.

Network with People

The Londoners may not be as approachable as others but you can definitely rely on meetup groups and other occasions to connect with people of all types of interest for free.

Also, be informed of the University events in your campus, they are usually free and include complimentary beer, food and a lot of excitement.

Partying and Clubbing is expensive

While studying abroad in London, if you are planning to go out every night and you have a low budget, you may spend all your semester’s money on partying out without even noticing it. We would suggest you to rather go around exploring the city.

If you visit early in the evening you may even get yourself a free entry. There are lot many bars around the city offering great happy hour deals for early visitors.

About the weather

Listen to the ones who have been living in London for long. They say Londoners are so good with the weather that they embrace every season and even the sudden changes in the weather.

Global City London

London is an English Speaking country yet it is a multicultural city. Londoners come from all around the world, speaking different languages from different cultures. London is a good global destination to experience a good learning and cultural environment.


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Important Things To Know Before Studying In London, UK
Important Things To Know Before Studying In London, UK

Why Study in UK?

Worldwide Education Services

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular study destinations for education all around the world. If you have a degree from a UK university it will be recognized by governments, universities, and employers. There are numerous factors which attract international students to pursue their further study in the UK. Here, universities are associated with quality education, and with the degree from highly-regarded universities will aid your career progression.

Here education equips students with an unforgettable cultural experience. Many of the world’s best academics teach at UK universities, which means it is not rare to be taught by the academic who has experience in writing the textbook from which you are studying.

Many UK Education Consultants in India believes that going to university in the United Kingdom is a great opportunity to expand knowledge, experience a new culture, meet new people, and enjoy new experiences. Here you can get…

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Essential Techniques Preparing For IELTS Test

IELTS – General or Academic? IELTS is available in two variations:

Academic: When you are applying for higher education or professional registration

General: When you are migrating to Australia, Canada, the UK, or looking to apply for secondary education, trainings, internships, or for work in an English speaking country. Although both versions – General or Academic assesses 4 language skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.


The listening section is divided into 4 sections. Every sections starts with instructions and questions you are given time to read. Here are a few points to remember:

  • Read Instructions and Questions and listen to every detailPlease do not hurry. Take time and understand what you have to do. Then move ahead to your answers or conclusions.
  • Copy answers at the end of the testDo not rush to copy your answers in the sections breaks. You will be getting total 10 minutes after test to copy answers to the Answer Sheet. Use the time in between sections to read the next questions.
  • Focus on Listening and not on Grammar or SpellingIn the end you can check for the grammar and spelling while transferring your answers to the answer sheet.
  • First write down your Answers on the PaperWhile listening, write your answers on the test paper. It will save you time and help you stay focused on your questions.
  • Finally, check for spelling and grammarBefore you hand in your answer sheet make sure you have checked everything there is no error as per your knowledge. Don’t rush and keep some extra time for this important task.


The reading skills need prediction, finding specific information, identifying opinions, etc., which are same for both Academic and General Training Test, only the test type will be different. Academic texts are similar to University Readings whereas in General Training Paper are like documents, newspapers and flyers which are given to the candidates.

  • Once again, check the instructions very carefully.Some tasks need you to use words from the text in the answer, in others you must use your own words.
  • Do not be bothered if you are not aware of the meanings of certain wordsAt first you may panic if English is not your first language, you may not know some vocabulary, so just move on and try to get the complete understanding of the sentence.
  • Read. And do nothing else but Read.While doing your preparation you must give atleast an hour to read. The more you read the wider your vocabulary becomes making the test easier for you.
  • Use your time wiselyReading test is of one hour. Try to finish each section in 20 minutes to ensure you have 3-4 minutes in the end of each section for transferring and checking answers.
  • Say no to blanksAttempt every question. Whether you know an answer or not do not leave any answer blank. Incorrect answers do not come with any minus marking, try to guess and stand a chance to score more.


Both for Academic or General Test, for writing section you will have two tasks to complete in 60 minutes. For Writing Task 1 of IELTS Academic Test, you need to write a summary of at about150 words with response to a graph, table, chart, or process.

For the Writing Task 1 of General Test, candidates are asked to write a letter to address and resolve a problem.

Task 2 of both General and Academic Tests a topic is given to write in response within 250 words.

  • Use appropriate writing styleUse formal language for writing essays and informal language for writing informal letters.
  • Answer the question correctlyAs long as you answer the question there is no right or wrong answer. Your language skills are evaluated and not your ideas.
  • Keep it succinctBrief and right answers is the key to success.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice.Check for the 250 words and how they look like by practicing on official writing forms in your own handwriting. Do it before the test.
  • Stick to the TopicKnow the subject of the test? What it is about? Write about that and stay with the topic for the entire session.


The final section involves you in conversation with the examiner, requiring you to talk about a given topic for the 20 minutes.

  • Effective communication is the keyHere general knowledge is not evaluated but your skill to communicate effectively is.
  • Listen clearly before speakingApplicable everywhere, this tip has a great use in IELTS’ speaking section. Let examiner speak out his question, think and then speak.
  • Keep the meter onKeep talking and see your score go high. But only sense.
  • Stick to the topicListen and come back to the topic. Explain your points and sum up everything with a conclusion.
  • Talk WellBe fluent and use the words you have learnt. Try to show off as much vocabulary as possible.
  • For all Sections: Stick to the timeline but do not panicKnow you have to have patience and never panic in any given situation.

Conclusion: When you are following the tips you can be assured of a good score and landing at desired campus. Best wishes.


Achieve Dreams With Higher Education Funding Consultant In The UK

Higher Education Funding Consultant in the UK, Study Bridge

Studying abroad gives one exposure to better learning and vibrant career options. The only thing that bothers is the funding for your education and we at Study Bridge believe that the student funding should be easily accessible to every deserving candidate. Here’s a sneak peak on how to get to fulfill your dreams.

Whether you have chosen your institution or not, you still need to be sure of your finances while planning to study abroad. And since the customary banks don’t serve the international borrower’s needs we came up with unique support system to ensure funding should always be there for the right candidate. At Study Bridge, we serve students with the latest funding options to ensure a hassle free process of acquiring loans.

What traditional banks require?

Collateral, Co-signers, Guarantors or other Documentation that students usually don’t have. Due to this a lot many students are forbidden from better higher education of their choice and as per their career path resulting in some bad choices that impact their future. Which is a big problem in the students in current age and it had to be taken care off immediately.

Rise and role of a Higher Education Funding Consultant

A funding consultant is someone who gives you better opportunities in terms of student loan with best possible solutions to maximize the outcome of your loan. We simply evaluate and analyze your profile, process your documents and work for you till you get your funding.

As an education funding consultant we are always on the lookout for the future leaders to invest in while supporting them through their education and career development.

Importance of Technology in Finance – Fintech

Our system serves rightly to evaluate and access your profile and credit history, ensuring you will be a good financial as well as social return for your investors.

The Study Bridge Advantage:

  • Repayment starts 6 months after class ends
  • No co-signer or collateral required
  • No penalties for prepayment
  • Network of 150 eligible countries
  • Member benefits for Study Bridge Student Community
  • Scholarships and Perks Community Members

Steps to avail loan through Study Bridge:

  1. Apply through our online portal – at max. take 20 minutes
  2. Get a quote within two working days which will be valid for next 2 weeks
  3. Upload documents
    • Proof of identity (your passport)
    • Proof of admission
    • Credit report*
    • Proof of address
    • Proof of income
    • Proof of savings (if applicable)
    • Proof of scholarships or company sponsorship (if applicable)
    • Financial aid form (if applicable)
  4. Sign your loan agreement document
  5. Get funds transferred to your institute
  6. Focus on your studies
  7. Loan Repayment and completion of the process

You can now fulfill your higher education dream with our student funding assistance. Be ready with all your essential documents and connect with us to know more on how we can assist you getting your education funding without facing the difficulties faced while dealing with traditional borrowing institutions. Write to us at Study Bridge and get ready to set the sail for your higher education in the UK.


Careers Opportunity In BA Marketing

Careers Opportunity In BA Marketing

Why should I choose to study BA Marketing in 2019?Studying in the fast paced city of London has its own advantages in learning, growing and in future opportunities that lie in front of you. London offers you the benefits of networking in a cosmopolitan city with some of the best Universities in the world to study.

Well studying BA in Marketing has some more to offer. As effective marketing communication is the need of every organization to keep their product or service on the market shelves and in the minds of their consumers. Organizations always need smart brains who understand consumer behavior. If you ever came across a marketing campaign which you though would have done better, then you are heading in the right direction.

Usually marketing degrees are of three to four years of duration, but some countries offer associate degree of two years which allows one to start working on its completion.

While you have made up your mind to study in London and make a career in BA Marketing, you need to ensure you have a good written, verbal and presentation skills for overall marketing communication along with interpersonal, leadership and teamwork skills.

Why should I choose to study BA Marketing?

Find the complete details opportunities by studying BA Marketing in 2019

  • Brand/Product Manager
  • Public Relations Representative
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Event/Meeting Planner
  • Fundraiser
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Media Planner
  • Sales Representative
  • Admissions Representative
  • Social Media Manager

Opportunities to make career with BA Marketing:

1. Brand/Product Manager

Begins as an assistant, Brand Manager oversees the complete marketing and branding of a product or a service.

2. Public Relations Representative

Help an organization understand its target market and the demographics to let them establish a better connect with the consumer.

3. Marketing Assistant

Work closely with an established Marketing Expert and learn the basics of the trade.

4. Event/Meeting Planner

Organize and host Promotional Events, Conferences, Expos, Trade fairs, Exhibitions, Concerts, Live Shows, etc., as an Event or Meeting planner.

5. Fundraiser

Work for the development of a non-profit organization while marketing your brand to the public.

6. Market Research Analyst

Strong quantitative, analytical and research skills are required for an individual to explore marketing research.

7. Media Planner

Understand the viewing, reading, listening and browsing patterns of different consumers and you have the key to success in your pocket.

8. Sales Representative

If you are good at understanding the problems faced by consumers and you can offer them a perfect solution in your product and service, you got it right.

9. Admissions Representative

Market colleges and universities to the families of prospect students for the Admissions Department of an institute.

10. Social Media Manager

Online marketing is a low cost medium and quiet effective in current times. If you understand what your prospect search for online and you can create relevant communication, you are a better fit for the job.

There are numerous opportunities with BA in Marketing and every day brings something new to the industry. Would you like to know more about studying in London with BA Marketing, you are welcome to write to us at and we would be happy to assist you.


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Study BA in UK
Study BA in UK


Study BA Accounting & Finance In UK

Why should I choose to study BA Accounting & Finance? Study BridgeWhile you are planning to study abroad and your focus is on pursuing BA in Accounting and Finance, you may be knowing that along with the traditional liberal arts education BA in Accounting and Finance gives you the foundational knowledge of the accounting world.

The BA degree in Accounting & Finance provides a broad understanding of the subject as compared to any other specialized course that only focusses on a particular subject’s limited domain. In today’s working world, the diversity of knowledge leads to a secured position on completion of your Graduation.

Why should I choose to study BA Accounting & Finance?

Find the complete details for reasons to to study BA Accounting & Finance in 2019

  • Your Flexible Communication Skills
  • Curious to know more
  • Hard Worker
  • High Emotional Quotient
  • Natural Problem Solver
  • You love to teach

Here are a few points to check for why you should do BA in Accounting and Finance and what all skills matter:

  1. Your Flexible Communication Skills

    As a finance person one should be able to understand the person sitting in front of you. To make your clients understand the terms you need to use simple words rather than complex jargons from the trade.

  2. Curious to know more

    When you are driven by the inquisitiveness to explore more and you are curious to know what all is going around then you are fit for the finance field.

  3. Hard Worker

    You are bound to perform well in the field of finance with your excellent work ethics.

  4. High Emotional Quotient

    You can easily relate to people and your assumptions are real and not just based on some surfaced opinions.

  5. Natural Problem Solver

    You are always accepting challenges to resolve issues that otherwise bug people. To figure out the best possible solution to a given situation makes you a better finance person.

  6. You love to teach

    Whether it’s about sharing your knowledge or giving away your expertise on a topic, as a finance person you love to help people walk through a process. Experts say when people expect you to do magic in numbers you need to first make them understand how it works and then you can resolve issues in a better way.

Subjects covered are: Accounting, Management, Marketing, Statistics, and other business or economics- related topics, such as Auditing, Business computer skills, Cost accounting, Statistics, Marketing, Macroeconomics, Strategic Management, investments, and accountancy in international markets.

Opportunities with Accounting and Finance are available in every industry. Finance is majorly about managing money for individuals, institutions, organizations, or entities. Once done with your Bachelors you may either opt for the Masters or simply try gaining some experience with the current industry. For more information on how you can excel your career in BA Accounting and Finance write to us at and we will be glad to assist you. Wish you a great career ahead.